Welcome To My Garden 🪴


Sep Dadsetan


December 30, 2022

So glad you could make it! This is the first post in what I hope becomes one of many. As always, please reach out and say hi 👋

Growing up I never really enjoyed writing. It felt like a chore and I much preferred the “tactile” activities like those found in science class. It wasn’t until graduate school (late, I know) that I began to appreciate it more. The motivation for this site really comes from a few places:

  1. I’ve written how-to’s and articles to help others with their questions so I figured why not reproduce for other internet passers-by to make use of.
  2. I wanted a space to both ‘play’ (software is always evolving), but also share my other joys like music and photography in a way that I can’t (and don’t want to) through social media.
  3. I came across a post from Maggie Appleton about digital gardening that inspired me to be more open about sharing ‘rough’ ideas.

Also, shout out to Javier Orraca for providing some much needed motivation to get this going. 🙏

Not much else to say in my first post, but be sure to keep coming back for updates and additional content.