Quarto Club


Sep Dadsetan


September 26, 2023

You can find me in the club 🎶

Introducing Quarto Club

First of all, if you’re new to quarto, go check out their page Quarto. TONS of create documentation and examples.

I created this quarto-based site back in January 2023, but before quarto many of us used the blogdown package to build our blog sites in R. Blogdown made nice use of Hugo and along with that came the advantage of leveraging a large collection of themes. This made it really nice to get inspired, use, or “piggy-back” on existing designs that the community had put together.

Quarto is capable of WAY more content types than Hugo, but no doubt that websites are one of the possibilities and although there is a very nice gallery of community developed quarto content, I think it would be really cool to have a community-led site to help people explore and be inspired (like that hugo theme site) and be built to handle a larger number of examples.

Having come back recently from always inspiring Posit::conf(2023) in Chicago, it was clear that quarto will continue to gain interest and I think this site will be a valuable asset to the quarto community.